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SEE evil dancing Clowns

SEE chainsaw wielding Maniacs

SEE horror movie favorites

SEE the Giant Spider

SEE the wandering Bushes

SEE the very tall Mortician

SEE hillbillies wearing masks

SEE hillbillies not wearing masks (while you wait in line to get in)

When can you see all this? On Friday Oct.20 and Saturday Oct. 21,2006, at dusk.

Where can you see all this? Forsythe Woods Forest Preserve, Wilmington, IL

What does it cost to see all this? Probably $4 per person (I think)

Who brought all of this together? The Lion's Club

How much more info is there? Lots

The 30-somethingth annual Wilmington Spook Hike is the only haunting event (that we know of) in the entire state of Illinois that is allowed to happen in a Forest Preserve (don't you love grandfather laws). The entire cast of creatures is 100% volunteer, and all proceeds go to Lion's Club charities (The Lion's Club gives money to local charities to help the needy, as well as buying glasses and hearing aids for people who need them but can't afford them). The Hike is roughly 1/3 of a mile long and takes right around a half hour to get through. Arrive early though, we often have to turn people away between midnight and 1 am (and that's still a long line).

Upon reaching the beginning of the Hike, the Gate Keeper will inform you that he has used arcane magics to create a "Path of Safety" for you to tread upon. Though the monsters can enter the Path, they can not harm you so long as you stay on the Path (the monsters have had years of this, and have learned to read between the lines, to the monsters, if you leave the Path at any time you are fair game... keep this in mind). The Path is displayed using small low powered lights along both sides of the Path.

The Spook Hike is a family friendly event, we ask that our monsters not use foul language and that our patrons please keep it to a minimum. As it does take place in a Forest preserve, you will be asked not to smoke upon entry to the woods (for the safety of everyone).
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