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3rd Annual Texas Haunters Dinner!

3rd Annual Texas Haunters Dinner
Saturday, June 17th, 2006 * 4:00PM
At The Boneyard Haunted House
2800 E. Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76010

Door Prizes * Raffle * Dead Elvis Floor Show! * Dinner * T-Shirt * Haunt Tour * Make-up Demo and more!!!

This years Costume contest is being sponsored by Anatomical Chart Co. Bobbie Weiner aka Bloody Mary will be doing a make-up demo and Speaking. Leonard Pickle from Haunted Attraction Magazine will be this years keynote speaker. Ray Don from the Cutting Edge Haunted House will be doing a Make-up demo.

4:00 pm Early Bird Haunt Tour
4:30 pm 3D - Painting Demo
5:15 pm Ray Don "Cutting Edge" Make-up Demo
6:00 pm Bobbie "Bloody Mary" Make-up Demo
7:00 pm Opening Announcements
7:15 pm Dinner Served
7:30 pm "Dead Elvis" Floor Show (1st set)
8:15 pm Door Prizes and Speakers Costume Contest prizes awarded
8:45 pm "More Dead Elvis and Door prizes
9:15 pm Haunt Tour
We will end the night with "Lights on Tour"

For more information visit:
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