thearcane (thearcane) wrote in haunted_promo,

Creative new CD for Haunted Attractions

When I made this CD I had huanted attractions in mind.

Real Paranormal Music! A halloween CD with actual ghost recordings!

Rue Morgue Magazine had this to say about Dark Asylum's previous album:
"A strange and subtle stroll through the audible darklands... Suitably foreboding and never panders to cliche."
"Orchestral and unnerving."
"...makes atmosphere into an art form."

What makes Dark Asylum different from other Halloween themed releases by groups like Midnight Syndicate is the use of real EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon.

This year's release is titled MALICE and is by far the most aggressive, most atmospheric and most spooky. Dark Asylum not only brings the usual EVP and scary orchestrations, but uses a recording of an actual Russian orthodox exorcism!

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