Astor Gravelle (cartoonmayhem) wrote in haunted_promo,
Astor Gravelle

Haunted Hamilton, Ontario

This is a picture of the notorious Connaught Hotel, so famous for having ghosts in this long-abandoned building that it's a feature on the ghost walks. Recently the feature The Hulk was filmed here and it was up to one man to watch all the electronic equipment throughout the nights the entire weekend.
He was so frightened by that experience that he had to buy a whole case of beer to steel his nerves. He heard bumps, footsteps, creaks and one time he dozed off only to wake up to dozens of disembodied faces staring at him. Now he doesn't want to talk about it.

This area above the arches was particularly eerie as well. The grand steps that led up the mezzanine where these windows are contained a particularly unsettling spirit. Several of the workers felt it.

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